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Much has been said and more is expected about leadership. Yes! Let me start from that bizarre statement. All that has been presented be it in blogs, social media, search sites and all media contain one thing in common, “leadership and management”.

Now, what is leadership and management?

Leadership in its simplicity can be defined as an act of leading people in an organization.


Leading can be defined as to guide or contact in a certain course by making the way known or bring somebody somewhere by means of instructions.
Management: This is a more precise way: It can be said to be the act of managing.
To manage is to direct or to control with skills in order to succeed at an attempt.
Leadership and management in a layman understanding is to conduct in a certain course by making the way known in order to succeed at an attempt.
Leadership and management are two distinct traits that not all in the human nature posses. This takes understanding and skills in order to attain an objective.
You can have very good leadership understanding but no skills.
Leadership needs skills, understanding, know-how and more.

1. Knowledge – always be informed and know what is happening within and without the organization.
2. Empathy – Understand you colleagues, know whats’ troubling them and always be there for them.
3. Be an example – Do what you expect others to do and always be at the forefront.
4. Courageous – Defend you colleagues, be there for them, find solutions to there problems but don’t over do it.
5. Have goals and targets – Aim and put your colleagues on task, hold each responsible.
6. Encourage – Give motivation to your subordinates, and recognize there work.
7. Observe time – Time management is the core in any organization, observe and encourage observance on the same.
8. Have good public relations with your subordinates and the outside environment, remember you are the image of your organization.
Such are the traits of a manager, observe them for the better.
You can share to inform others.


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