How to love your Lady!

Love-Wallpapers-love-33002117-1600-100015 Ways to make a gal smile..
1. Tell her she’s beautiful. Not hot or sexy.
2. Hold her hand, just bcos you love her.
3. Leave her voice messages to wake up to.
4. Wrestle with her,and let her win.
5. Hug her from behind.
6. If you talk to another gal,walkover to her
after you’re done and kiss her.
7. Write her note, or call her just to say..”i
love you”
8. Introduce her to your friends as your
9. Play with her hair.
10. Get upset if he gets unwanted contact
from someone else.
11. Make her laugh, just you love to see her
12. Lets her fall asleep in your arms.
13. Hang out with her on weekends because
she’s important to you.
14. Make it a habit to be buying her gifts as
surprise parkage atleast once in a week.
15. Kiss her before other ladies &make her feel
Agree or disagree?


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