What kenyans shoul learn from the Mandera attack.


With the current state of security in Kenya, the Mandera attack was one in which Kenyans should learn something from.
Brief of the Mandera attack.

– The attack took place in a bus from the city Nairobi to Mandera.

  • At least two people were killed in the attack, near the north-eastern village of El Wak on the Somali border.

-Muslims in the bus defended Christians.

  • They gave them their caps and head covers.
  • The bus attacked is the same bus attacked last year November.

What Kenyans should learn from this.

1. With unity, security is guaranteed.
2. Be your brother’s keeper.
3. Speak your mind always, don’t fear terrorist.
4. Religion difference is never key.
5. We are unified with the Kenyan spirit, we are all Kenyans.
6. Alshabaab are not Muslims.
7. We are one and together we can stop terrorism.

With this in mind, please let’s be one, united by the same spirit, one president, one land, one currency, same colour and more.

We are Kenya and Kenya is us.

** What did your learn from the incidence**

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