-Enrolment of kcpe candidates have incre from 880486 in 2014 to 927789 in 2015.

  • Capitulation for schools has gone high to enable easy management of schools.
  • Gender parity has been achieved 495 885 girls 467 907 boys this year. With Kericho, Nakuru, Kisii and other academies
  • The mean score for public schools has decreased by 7 points while that of private schools have improved.
  • 0.29% of irregularities.
  • Knec should put efforts to stop irregularities. They should find a solution.
  • Though there was a decline in the number of irregularities.
  • Cheating is denting the image of this country.

-Female candidates have performed better than there their counterparts in languages (English and kiswahili)