Dream unleashed, Geoffrey Emali’s story of success from Bridge international academies.


Geoffrey Emali

Despite the hurdles and difficulty, finally a bright star shone on his head.
Geoffrey Emali from bridge international academies in Karagita, Naivasha proved to life that success was more of a right to him.

Six years ago, Geoffrey’s mother died, leaving him in the care of an abusive step-father. Without the support of close family, Geoffrey began to skip class at the local public school to work. His grandmother moved him to Kiserian, but he continued to flounder. Three years ago his uncle visited his grandmother and recognizing how bright Geoffrey was, he asked to take him to Naivasha and enroll him in Bridge.

bridge international academies.
Geoffrey was impressed with bridge since the first day he joined bridge, “At Bridge, teachers always want to know what is going on in our lives besides education and performance,” he says.
Having to wake up at 4am for studies before heading to class, Geoffrey hopped past his mates in the Kenya certificate of primary education (kcpe) with a score of 401 out of a possible score of 500.
Geoffrey credits Bridge with his success, noting: “Bridge explores the different sides of one’s knowledge, teachers in the academy encourage me to work hard and this keeps me glued to my future dream. Teachers also motivate us daily and this encourages me to study harder too because I wouldn’t want to let my teachers down. There is also competition in the classroom that makes you work harder, and I love this kind of competition!”
Success being on top of his vocabulary list, Geoffrey managed to get a scholarship to the  Saint Andrews School in Boca Raton, Florida were he is expected to meet his long life time dreams.
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Thanks to Bridge international academies.


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