I really wonder how the woman you loved, cared for, you followed her and even got that courage to talk with the father-in-law on issues concerning marriage end up being your punching bag.
You impregnate her and even be proud to introduce her as “mama watoto”, then you end up stubbing her several times.

How did you feel when that blood flew from the wounds, how did you feel when she was crying in pain, when she was rolling down on pain, when that knife was penetrating through her skull and you possibly saw a tip of it at the other side!!
What kind of man are you, what kind of father are you, what message are you passing to your kids.
Did you think of your kids?! What of there future?
Be a man and handle your issues manly, not like a boy born today morning!
You are a disgrace to manhood!!
I hope your boy didn’t see you beating your wife and mother!!!
Cursed are you.



#justiceforfatuma, #fatima