#TheLandAnswerKE has been trending in Kenya with Kenyans praising the president for solving land issues in the cost.

Coalition of reforms and democracy (CORD) have been requested to keep calm and let the president work.



Today’s quote

If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, we’d grab ours back

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s learning to dance in the rain

There comes a point in our life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always did.


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How third ‘I’ restores balance

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Blissful Soul (Kpop uihae yeongameul)

One day a child came to his grandpa and asked, “What is soul?” The grandpa told him a story that he heard a long time ago from his own
grandpa, “It is said that there are three ‘I’ in a human,which support and
guide him through his whole life.

The first ‘I’ — is the coldest.It is seen by every surrounding person. The second ‘I’— is the warmest. It is only seen by the closest people to you. The first and the second always argue for power over the man, and their discord awakens doubt and fear in us. And only the third ‘I’ can reconcile and find a compromise between the first two. No one can see it. Sometimes we are unaware of its existence, but it is always with us.”

“I never heard about it,”the grandchild said. Grandpa smiled and answered,“The first ‘I’— is mind. If it takes over the second one,the person becomes calculative and cold.The second ‘I’— is heart. If it wins, we become naive. Then it is easy to hurt and deceive us. The third one…

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How Technology Helps Us In Our Daily Lives

Source: How Technology Helps Us In Our Daily Lives

Troubled Diana Chelele-RIP

Renowned Kalenjin singer Diana Chemutai Musila popularly known as Chelele was found dead in her Kapkwen home today morning.
Her death comes barely three months after she was found unconscious in a hotel in Nakuru after a failed suicide attempt. It is widely believed that the songstress attempted to take her own life over marriage and legal woes.
According to sources, Chelele’s body was discovered by a family member and it had deep stab wounds in the abdominal area.
Bomet OCPD, Abel Sande confirmed the incident saying he believed the singer had been murdered in cold blood.
Her body has been taken to Longisa mortuary.


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