Mundanes and Stories

……thoughts are like seeds. The ones you water the most will grow into trees and the more you water them the stronger they will get and it will be harder to tear down because the roots are so deep………


When we were kids, every night our parents would tell us stories. At the age of five they were about a pair of twins who would run into problems and then solve them, these stories taught me that i need to face my problems on my own. At 8, the same pair of twins grew older, these stories taught me the values of life. At 13, I read books and didn’t ask my my mother to become the storyteller. At 14, my room is locked and I’m typing a story, a culmination of everything my mother has taught me.

We mundanes have a thing for words, or stories as such. Our mind loves making up images for us too see, almost like polaroid pictures; instant and beautiful. So why am I a story you don’t share? Why am I a story you write on a paper and then throw it away?…

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