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There is only one corner of the universe you can be certain of improving, and that’s your own self.
Aldous Huxley

Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.
Francis of Assisi



That’s a bit better!

Good news..

David and Liza Cooke

We’ve had some recent encouragement in both expected and unexpected ways- thank you to all who have expressed concern and have prayed for the situation here- we are very happy to be able to post this update.

Ten days ago the Kenyan newspaper the Daily Nation ran a story which gave us hope for the Borderlands situation. One of the trigger points for violence within that community has been the issue of cattle rustling. We had already established that this was being carried out through organised crime rather than by the two communities in conflict and for six months early last year it had stopped whilst a notorious criminal was being detained in prison.
Some time before Christmas this man escaped from prison and the cattle rustling began again leading to the more recent outbreaks of violence with which our peace activists have been contending. To cut a long story…

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…to oil the machinery of corruption, you have to undermine the institutions of governance through overt and covert operations…

Today’s article has been written by our Guest writer Macharia Waithira. George Macharia Waithira is an up and coming political scientist currently taking a Masters degree in Political Science specializing in Political Theory, Comparative Politics and International Security at the University of Nairobi.

Napoleon’s Waterloo was in 1815 in Waterloo, present-day Belgium which was then part of the Dutch kingdom. Hitler’s waterloo, on the other hand, was the 1941 incursion into Russian territory. Virtually every other leader and country, has a Waterloo, the Rubicon of failure which either destroys the leader or disintegrates the state. Against this background therefore, in a given country’s securitization agenda, anything that threatens the state is regarded as an existential threat to national security and if the threat is one that may actually destroy the state or undermine her institutions, then it is regarded as dealt with accordingly.

In light of this, looking at the…

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Internet: Good or Bad?

…. If internet has it good side, it also has its bad side. The bad side of having access to the internet is….


“Internet: absolute communication, absolute isolation.”

                                                                                                                 ~Paul Carvel

  download      Internet nowadays influences and has a great impact in many youths. Youths can now easily manipulate gadgets like computers, tablets and cellphones and go to their favorite internet sites. They almost spend their time typing and scrolling on social networking site, chatting and playing online games.

         Internet has its good and bad effects. The good side of having internet is that it gives people an opportunity to communicate with their loved ones all around the globe through chat or…

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Love is… (Day 85)


From UK to the Philippines with Love


They said “It’s the thought that counts”. Appreciating things from your partner is good in a relationship. It can either small or big things. The point is your partner makes an effort on it. There are times that we forget to appreciate the things that they give or done to us. Give time to say thank you to your partner.

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It’s all perspective…

Nothing is permanent.

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Acceptance is a key
To set oneself free…….

To Our Hearts

Acceptance is a key
To set oneself free
From burdens and fears
Anguishes and tears.

Acceptance is letting go
Of love’s painful flow
When it covered you
With sorrow and guilt too.

Acceptance is facing reality
A battle against mentality
To obey the mind
Or follow love’s kind.

Acceptance is maturity
A keeper for eternity
A choice to make
Or a path to break.

Acceptance is the answer
Slow yet fast like cancer
Rocky yet satisfying
Weak then later intensifying.

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