10 Simple Ways to Get More Blog Followers!

HarsH ReaLiTy

1 – Trick everyone into believing it is a privilege to follow your blog. That is what I did!

2 – Write posts about milestones you have never really accomplished! People think this blog has been viewed over a million times. All of those views were by me actually.

3 – Get 56,739 Twitter followers so your 1 WordPress subscriber looks like more…

4 – Over-post so people think you have something important to say.

5 – Create the username “Jesus” and have that user frequently comment on your blog. What could be more impressive than that?

6 – Never get older. People are attracted to youth.

7 – Buy your followers at a dime a dozen! Or… $100 a dozen! Email me! 🙂

8 – Come back from the dead.

9 – Pretend like you don’t care about followers! It works!

10 – Ask for help in every post. People love…

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