Ever FELT that?

.. I would not let my life to settle itself in such gloomy turn.. THIS TOO SHALL PASS.. Do not give up..And all we can hope that IT WILL! SURELY IT WILL.  🙂


Ever felt that you need to run away to a place where no one to be found and you just sit alone there .. the only company is YOU?

Ever felt lonely in the crowd of thousands of people or being with your friends but you are actually not being there? (sounds complicated.. :p)

Ever felt that you want to cry… cry out loudest.. of no such specific reason… perhaps out of no reason just to make yourself feel relieved in some way? (obviously when you are all alone otherwise you would turn into a centre of attraction.)

Ever felt that your mind is boggling with too much stuffs at a time but you can’t exactly differentiate as what is exactly bothering you so much?

Ever felt that someone (a precious one!) who was with you in the previous moment would not be found anymore in your upcoming moments of…

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