….They knew all too well that love is just a trick word for feeling savagely blue


He wrote her poetry while she wrote one for another
He clung to his verses as if sacred vows to wrap up the story of how
their fates are tied together.
She held on to her metaphors like the kaleidoscopic monochromes
that fill her canvas with color
He talks to her at length about hues and finding stars
while she secretly muses about him and his affinity to virtual dopes and quasars

There is nothing new in this story.

A boy loves a girl. The girl loves a man.
Fates always irreconcilable ; a horrendous comic disaster

But he keeps telling her anyway. Of dreams. Of longing. Of loneliness.
And she keeps loving him anyway; with all her pious innocence

In different ways, they eventually part
He heads west. She settles far away from the rest.
Although he knew that she knew
Although she knew that it would end too

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