The Monthly Salary Addiction

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Alcohol, cigarettes, a monthly salary… It’s really all the same to me! Nassim Nicholas Taleb and Fred Wilson would agree. They said the three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary. I wouldn’t know anything about heroin but I know firsthand about carbohydrate addiction and I recently met the dreaded monthly salary addiction.

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When I was in University, I was unsure of the frequency and quantity of my cash flow. For that reason, I always had to save as much as I could during the highs so I had something to get me through the lows. That changed when I got an internship and with it, my first taste of a steady monthly income. In my mind I imagined that a steady flow of income would mean more savings. I was wrong!

My savings have remained the same but my hunger for another paycheck at…

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