Nakuru’s Family Grows

You are all those kids want

By: Edita, Co-Director NakuruIMG_0832

My name is Edita, I am a Co-Director at the IHF Nakuru centre in Kenya. I originally come from Lithuania, but for the last three years I have been living in different European countries due to studies and work. It has been only two weeks since I became part of IHF team at the Nakuru centre. These two weeks were full of new experiences, small cultural shocks and a lot of positive emotions.

WP_20160114_18_16_28_Pro (1)It is my first time living and  traveling outside  Europe. Therefore many things are totally new for me. I am happy to have daily cultural exchanges with the children living in our centre. They also help me learn some basic words in their local Kiswahili language, and in return I help them with their homework.

Working here in the centre is like being part of a big family were everyone tries to help each other and

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Friend of God

True friends know each other on an incredibly deep level, Beloved….

Soul Food by Innate Expressions

Listen through my heartWe don’t know how to pray as we should, but the Spirit himself speaks to God for us. He begs God for us, speaking to him with feelings too deep for words…” (Romans 8:26 ERV)

The beauty of relationships are that you don’t always have to speak in order to communicate.

When you have a sincere relationship with someone, there is a connection…….you just know!

  • Before a child comes down with the flu, most mothers ‘just know’……that their child is about to get sick!
  • Distance, cannot deceive a true husband or wife if their significant other is having a ‘down’ day, …….they just know!
  • Lies don’t stand a chance between true best friends, because one can read the other like a book!


Would you walk up to a stranger and ‘spill your guts’?

Probably not!

  • They would probably think that you were ‘special’ if you did!

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