What Crime Have Varsity Students Committed?

With the bold moves demonstrated by CUE, we hope to see the elimination of the free-for-all gold rush which diluted our education standards


The Commission for University Education (CUE), after examining 56 campuses in Nairobi, Lodwar, Western, Nyanza and in the Rift Valley, has found 10 of them lacking in standards.

The affected institutions were given 90 days to relocate students to accredited campuses, but Education Cabinet Secretary Dr Fred Matiang’i has extended the period to one year. The axe is also poised to fall on other substandard campus as crimes have varsity students committed?

CUE sets its sights on Central, Eastern, Coast and Nairobi regions. Nairobi campuses which had appealed against closure have until July 30 to address concerns raised in the evaluation report.

Fake certification of naive learners by corrupt administrators has poisoned academic works for too long. Education CS, Fred Matiang’i, in collaboration with CUE, are trying to bring sanity to the colleges.

Just as all Kenyans need protection from quack doctors, learners, sponsors and employers deserve quality assurance in…

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Real men must control their sexual urge to control spread of HIV -no excuse

…..stop using dressing as an excuse for promiscuity and sexual abuse…….


Its been a while since  I last blogged so let me start by saying Happy New Year!!! Finally I get to comment about this issue that has been bothering me for years .Last month there was an article by a local newspaper alleging that President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania had banned wearing of miniskirt in his country.At first glance I thought this is so 15th century, then on second thought I thought maybe he has a point because although I haven’t met him in person he has been all over the media doing all the good things for Tanzania, in fact there is a time I wished I was Tanzanian so I could enjoy all the good policies coming up in my neighbouring country.1President John Pombe Magufuli (left) former president of Tanzania  Jakaya Kikwetu (right) when they paid a local woman a visit during last year’s campaign


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Twenty Misconceptions About Africa II

Well, they aught to read this…



Hello again! This article is a continuation from last week’s post so if you’re yet to read last week’s writeup, I invite you to check it out by simply searching for “Twenty common misconceptions” in the blog’s search feature. Note that both articles are independent of each other so you don’t have to have read last week’s post in order to read this week’s – and vice versa.

11. There is no technology in Africa
Africa is not technologically void as all African countries have embraced technology. Computers, iPads, laptops, mobile phones and internet access are all found in Africa and even Africans in remote areas also own at least one cell phone.
African in remote village with cell phone
12. Africans are mentally inferior and are thus unable to develop innovative ideas
The fact that most African countries are rated third world should not be attributed to an inferior mental capacity. Rather, it’s due to a lack…

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Thinking Out Loud

Finding A Voice Between The Silence

Thinking about the past makes it more confusing to look forward. The past seems never far away, it backs off for few days and then spins straight at me with hurricane winds trying to unsettle the ground beneath me that has become a place of peace for a few moments in the day, where I don’t feel the weight of the past on my shoulders, where my mind is clear as the sky without the traumatic memories flying around in my mind.

The memories are disjointed, the clips of pain they don’t seem to fade just waiting to haunt me once again. Encased in my mind, these memories, the sounds, the smell, the fear is still so real, so present even through it is not happening now, my mind won’t rest, won’t disconnect itself from the past. The memories stay rattling in my brain waiting to break free.

My mind…

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is there a heaven? (daily hot! quote)



“There is no ideal, no perfect, no heaven except in the moment you consent to your own humanity.” -Amy Larson, amyjalapeno.com

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Love a savior and a Tyrant

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Life Hacks – Symbols Short Cuts

Had to reblog this!!

Planet Simon


Ever wondered how to get all the symbols you need without going throught the mills:


Simon 🙂

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Students Walk 20KM to Bring Teacher’s Body Home

A group of students in Embu County on Saturday walked for 20 Kilometres, in a bid to raise Sh5.3 Million for their teacher who passed on while undergoing treatment in India.

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A Single Man

A single Man

I am Kieran Whittaker

This is a poem I wrote when I was 16 – 17. It’s a Poem that meant a lot to me and I think reflected the duality of my thoughts on a relationship at that time. Enjoy, let me know what you think.

A single man, torn in two
A tortured mind, bruised black and blue
Contradictions, false predictions
Can’t distinguish, facts from fictions

Are truth and lies, just the same?
Once time has passed, can meaning remain?
Opinions, feelings, with time will alter
Thus the facts begin to falter

Opposing feelings cause confliction
Are you a man of your conviction?
You swear that you’re loyal, honest and good
But to honor your words, do you think that you could?

Your actions misleading, your language misread
They think you mean one thing, but that’s not what you said
They call you deceptive, a con and a cheat
But your words…

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