A Single Man

A single Man

I am Kieran Whittaker

This is a poem I wrote when I was 16 – 17. It’s a Poem that meant a lot to me and I think reflected the duality of my thoughts on a relationship at that time. Enjoy, let me know what you think.

A single man, torn in two
A tortured mind, bruised black and blue
Contradictions, false predictions
Can’t distinguish, facts from fictions

Are truth and lies, just the same?
Once time has passed, can meaning remain?
Opinions, feelings, with time will alter
Thus the facts begin to falter

Opposing feelings cause confliction
Are you a man of your conviction?
You swear that you’re loyal, honest and good
But to honor your words, do you think that you could?

Your actions misleading, your language misread
They think you mean one thing, but that’s not what you said
They call you deceptive, a con and a cheat
But your words…

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