Real men must control their sexual urge to control spread of HIV -no excuse

…..stop using dressing as an excuse for promiscuity and sexual abuse…….


Its been a while since  I last blogged so let me start by saying Happy New Year!!! Finally I get to comment about this issue that has been bothering me for years .Last month there was an article by a local newspaper alleging that President John Pombe Magufuli of Tanzania had banned wearing of miniskirt in his country.At first glance I thought this is so 15th century, then on second thought I thought maybe he has a point because although I haven’t met him in person he has been all over the media doing all the good things for Tanzania, in fact there is a time I wished I was Tanzanian so I could enjoy all the good policies coming up in my neighbouring country.1President John Pombe Magufuli (left) former president of Tanzania  Jakaya Kikwetu (right) when they paid a local woman a visit during last year’s campaign


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