Twenty Misconceptions About Africa II

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Hello again! This article is a continuation from last week’s post so if you’re yet to read last week’s writeup, I invite you to check it out by simply searching for “Twenty common misconceptions” in the blog’s search feature. Note that both articles are independent of each other so you don’t have to have read last week’s post in order to read this week’s – and vice versa.

11. There is no technology in Africa
Africa is not technologically void as all African countries have embraced technology. Computers, iPads, laptops, mobile phones and internet access are all found in Africa and even Africans in remote areas also own at least one cell phone.
African in remote village with cell phone
12. Africans are mentally inferior and are thus unable to develop innovative ideas
The fact that most African countries are rated third world should not be attributed to an inferior mental capacity. Rather, it’s due to a lack…

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