How to stop procrastination


Daniel Tran

Just another cat video, then I’ll study. Just another manga, then I’ll come back to work. Just another game, then I’ll wash the dishes. Just another cake, then I’ll exercise. Just another nap, then I’ll clean the house.

Are those just too familiar? We are all prone to procrastination because we are all governed by ‘temporal motivation theory’, indicating how likely we will follow a certain course of action, a certain task.

A few weeks back, I was discussing the wrong perceptions of personal growth with a group of students and young professionals. One participant asked me, ‘How can I overcome my urge to delay my tasks to a later time?’ At that moment, I could only think of self-discipline. I told her that, self-discipline could be trained through the development of discipline and habits in some certain enjoyable tasks within your personal interests, for a certain amount of time. Then the…

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