wanting it vs. working for it

…..uphill battle keep climbing……


Yeah sure we all want a nice lean body. Remember that new years resolution you made to lose weight, eat healthy and exercise on a regular basis? Yes the one you’ve made year after year and never seem to stick to it?  We’re all guilty of starting the year hopeful, working out, eating healthier foods…but eventually that fades. It’s much easier to grab some junk food when your busy and skip that workout because your favorite TV show is on…telling yourself you’ll workout after the show. The show finishes and you decide it’s too late to workout so you promise yourself you will workout tomorrow. Tomorrow comes and there is yet another reason why you can’t get that workout in. Excuse after excuse the middle of the week hits, you throw in the towel and decide you are going to start over on Monday. Monday comes…you do okay for a…

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