Run (As Fast as You can)

Poems for People

We went for early morning runs
On half lit streets
Illuminated by the sunrise
That was just coming up.

We would huff softly in place,
The breath coming out of
Our nostrils in sweet puffs
Of air. The silent crunch

Of our feet against the
Soft dewy grass in the
Summer and frosted
Greens in late Autumn.

We strode stride by stride
Until the end when it turned
Into a dead heat for our front
Door and a hot shower

That culminated our preparations
For the day. The memories
Are coming back to me now
As you lie on a white

Hospital bed, in between
Two more pristine white
Sheets. The doctors say
You have something like

Cancer, and all the dieting
In the world, all the medicine,
All the hours of chemotherapy
Couldn’t stop this disease

That has halted our early
Morning runs down the
Front of our street…

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What Christian Girls Want Christian Guys To Have…

Ladies do you agree with me?


Hey guys, so I decided to go out on a limb here and point some open secrets that guys in the Christian circle seem to missing out a lot. It’s more like my early February gift to you. I have heard a couple of guys say that the bad boys get the good girls, well that probably because the good guys aren’t doing anything about it, or allow me get all ‘quoty’ here, #winks. “The right guys are the doing the wrong things right, while the ‘wrong’ guys are doing the right things right!” I sure hope that makes sense to you!

So, feeling led to share a part of a project I’m currently working on, I want to give the guys a peek into the things that a Christian girl wants the guy to HAVE. (Please note that the list is not exhaustive)

  1. CONFIDENCE. You might not have expected…

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Feels Like Home

It is that comfort that draws me to you like a magnet. I love it. And I love you. But you already know that.

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A stranger in the mirror- By Jackie & Darshith

It’s not about finding a soulmate at first place , first of all we have to find the inner passion of our soul. Don’t be a stranger to your mirror image.
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Words dipped in Happiness

A story of two friends who used to meet daily, and still were strangers to each other. One day they finally thought to meet at a special place and then they became one.

There were two friends named Sapna and Kalpana. They were sitting opposite to each other with their eyes locked in each other. Even though they have met many a times before, but today for some reason they felt as strangers to each other. They felt as if they were from different worlds. As the friends are from two different worlds, we bring out this story from two different worlds of Words dipped in Happiness and Smiles here & Smiles there . As Darshith is a professional as Sapna, he will portray the story of Sapna. As my thoughts are still in search for a form, I will portray the story of Kalpana. How these two friends, become…

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Drawing strength in numbers they take to the skies once again in search for a home that is Calm and Peaceful.

Enchanted Forests

The Sun is about to set and the Birds return to their Homes on Treetops.

All is at peace as the Starlings ( Mynahs in Hindi) and Parakeets ( Mithus in Hindi) tuck in as the Sun sets over the Horizon.

stage 2  All is calm on the Tree Tops

A Gust of Wind and the Birds are set aflutter  even as Night gets ready to spread its tentacles.

Within seconds their Roosts are Blown Away and the Birds must migrate in search of another Home.

stage 3 Blown away by a Gust of Wind

Drawing strength in numbers they take to the skies once again in search for a home that is Calm and Peaceful.

all fly away Starlings in Flight

Nature once again reveals signs and a string of messages for us even as the tiny winged creatures leave their homes in search for another Roost.

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Journals: Moving On

And therefore until you find that soul mate who can penetrate your darkest corners, you will always be mine…

The Wise Vice


You desire to get over me, but you rather seem to get at me.

You seek to escape the past that held us close even a million miles apart, but assume the easiest route is to indulge in morbid pleasures. To discover an alternative happiness in sensual intimacy. Hoping that this ephemeral orgasmic wave will quell the melancholy void of my departure. One can perhaps erase the scent of the past on the skin, bathing afresh in the shower of hope. But I’ve never scarred your exposed flesh. I haven’t inflicted scars on your naked frailty. All I’ve sought to hold is the uncupped virgin contours of your soul. And therefore until you find that soul mate who can penetrate your darkest corners, you will always be mine.

An empty cup, but in submission to the identity of my dreams, molded curvaceously in the passion of my love.


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Right way of celebration

Our whole day will be more special and full of happiness if we show a small kind gesture  to those also who really needs it ..

Right way of living

We all celebrate all the special days of our lives with lots of food , fun and frolic . It’s always good to celebrate every moment of life . Our celebration can turn into God’s blessings if during every celebration we remember to lessen God’s burden a little by not forgetting to include those in our celebration who are deprived of many things in life . Our whole day will be more special and full of happiness if we show a small kind gesture to those also who really needs it .

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You are the night sky that fills me with wonder. ….


There are seven billion people on this earth, so I’ve been told.

Seven billion, can you imagine?

I can’t.

I can’t imagine that many people because when I close my eyes I am consumed by a galaxy. There are seven billion people on this planet and I found the one that contains all of space and time, and you are so beautiful.

You are endless.

A dark swirling mass of mystery clouded by the smoke trailing from the cigarette dangling from his fingertips. Yet, you are the most beautiful phenomena to exist.

You are a dark, endless expanse of unbridled existence flecked with brilliant facets of beauty. The constellations mapped across your soul bear a thousand stories that have built a remarkable man.  A thousand laughs, a thousand tears shed, all to construct the galaxy.

The most brilliant galaxy I have ever seen.

The kind you can stare up into…

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