Run (As Fast as You can)

Poems for People

We went for early morning runs
On half lit streets
Illuminated by the sunrise
That was just coming up.

We would huff softly in place,
The breath coming out of
Our nostrils in sweet puffs
Of air. The silent crunch

Of our feet against the
Soft dewy grass in the
Summer and frosted
Greens in late Autumn.

We strode stride by stride
Until the end when it turned
Into a dead heat for our front
Door and a hot shower

That culminated our preparations
For the day. The memories
Are coming back to me now
As you lie on a white

Hospital bed, in between
Two more pristine white
Sheets. The doctors say
You have something like

Cancer, and all the dieting
In the world, all the medicine,
All the hours of chemotherapy
Couldn’t stop this disease

That has halted our early
Morning runs down the
Front of our street…

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