5 things to do while in life’s parking lot!

you will be a better person who is better positioned to tackle life’s challenges and achieve your goals.
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parking lot 2Sometimes we feel as though life has put us in the parking lot. We want to move forward but are somehow immobilized. We know what we want, where we want to go and have some idea of how to get there but somehow things do not seem to be working out for us.

This is what I call being in life’s parking lot. At this point, the affected individual is like a car that is in good condition, fueled up and ready to go but is just parked.

Being in life’s parking lot happens to every one once in a while. The reasons for finding ourselves in the parking lot vary and could be a result of personal decisions or circumstances beyond our control.

We may also find that we are parked in one area of our lives, while making progress in other areas. For example, one could be doing…

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