Make peace with the terrorist inside you….
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I had a conversation with a terrorist.

I was appalled by her beliefs. Angry at the intensity of her hate. I couldn’t understand why such a monster resided inside of me.

It’s hard to love yourself because you know all the things nobody else knows. You see all the parts nobody else sees. You feel things nobody else knows about.

Self-loathing, low self-esteem, self-hatred, shame, whatever you call it can be the result of cultural programming, of decisions you make that cause guilt, or could be the result of being bullied.

You believe you are an unacceptable human. You apologize for everything. You are always at fault and therefore you are easy to blame.

You don’t think you deserve good things and so you are a master saboteurs.

At some point you have to identify the terrorist inside. The one that causes you to throw opportunity away. The one that…

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