Photo series #1. 

The darker shades indicate a sadder mood whereas the lighter shades indicate a happier mood….
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Awkward panda🐼

‘Change is the only constant’. That’s is the most ironic statement. Initially we are affirmative that the odyssey of life is going to be flamboyant. We are so contended and captivated that we start believing in the mere axioms of fairytale’s and miracles. As time goes by and as we see more agony we rapidly form a void within ourselves. At times we are so lost that we don’t know what can prove to be a remedy for us. Cynically we choose to obsess over something totally trivial. It changes the aura. But each moment when we feel convulsion the void expand and we start falling for the greys of bleakness. We don’t visualise anything but loneliness. Sooner or later a mere realisation hits us like a truck. The fact that no one except for ourselves can actually aid us and comfort us. The moment you see the staggering grey…

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