Love – Bitter Sweet.

Wow! Well said, I can call that persistence through the storm for a better ending


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I was with my friend in a cafe the other day and we were just discussing about how relationships work these days. There is something very weird about having an affair now. Most of the couples we discussed about had broken up just because there were too many fights and arguments or because she hung out with someone else or because he went out with someone else. What a lame reason to leave the love of your life!

So yes, most of the people now want to believe that they are in love when they really are not, some are just addicted to their partners and others are just in the relationship for name sake.

Today, the tag of ‘best boyfriend’ and ‘best girlfriend’ is given because they uploaded a picture with their boyfriend or girlfriend on Instagram or because they commented something very sweet…

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Relationship Killers

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poly pride

Bursting the love balloonThere are a number of activities, behaviours and traits that are universally considered to be relationship killer’s.

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Love is Foundational

In grown-up words, this means simply, “love.”…
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Living Life

1 John 4:8 “Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

Every morning when I was little I would get on the bus for school and my mom would say, “Be kind to everyone”. In grown-up words, this means simply, “love.” Let me explain to you why. I’ve been through a good deal of trials in my life, even though I am young and 21. I’ve been digging deep to understand them all and to get to the bottom of every one. Not all of my questions are answered (and some never will be) but do you know the one thing that I keep hitting as I dig deeper and deeper? The foundation. The roots. You know how people throw around the saying “the root of all evil” to describe things they loathe? Well, love is the root of all good. Wanna know something else about…

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Genuine confession

Highlight the positive; use the negative.
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Read Me

I’m really fucking happy.

My life isn’t close to perfect, but mindfulness makes the distance seem shorter. Highlight the positive; use the negative. Exercise your body and your mind — the more fine tuned your instrument, the clearer your sound. And most importantly PAY ATTENTION to the life you’re living. Awareness of detail will help you become the person you wish to attract. We’re naturally drawn to good energy.

I wanted to put it in writing in case I hit a rough spot and think otherwise later.

I’m feeling so affectionate these days I feel like picking up babies and twirling them around in joy. But I think felony charge would dampen the mood, so I’m going to put a hold on that. For now.

Peace babes. Besos 😘

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The next time you hear somebody reject the idea of abortion on demand, realize that they are not being anti-anything; they are just exercising their power of correct reasoning.
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The accusation is often made that anti-abortion attitudes are a particular effort by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the only church that is officially against abortion. Few others make pro-life statements. The Catholic Church is demeaned, ridiculed, called “out of date”, “old-fashioned, “anti-woman”, “contra-cultural” and on and on.

The fact is that abortion is a moral evil, BUT NOT because the Catholic Church says it is. Abortion is an objective evil, and the Church is simply stating that fact. It is the natural moral law that all normal people sense that tells us that abortion is a moral evil. Abortion would be evil even if no religion opposed it. Abortion can be argued against successfully without even mentioning any religion because abortion is irrational.

What is to be thought of a nation that deliberately and legally kills off fifty million and still counting . . . 50,000,000 babies…

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If I Was a Doctor

If I was doctor, I too would have gone deeper than a lover could ….
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Little Thief

If I was a doctor, I would have little to say.
I would get up in the morning, and go to bed end day.
I would stare at my patients, solemn and grey.
Dreaming of people, not lying in graves.

I would think of the deaths, and think of my tools.
I would think of my white coat, and think of the rules.
I would hang up my heart, and put on my scrubs.
I would splash on cold water, and snap on my gloves.

If I was a doctor, I would cut open human beings.
I would soak myself in blood, and hold their hearts beating.
I would go in more deeply than any lover could.
I could steal your heart, but steal it for good.

If I was a doctor, I would have more anger than not.
I would tire over people, and try to play God.
I would…

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