Love – Bitter Sweet.

Wow! Well said, I can call that persistence through the storm for a better ending


IMG-20160206-WA0004 Photo credits – Rashmi Mallya

I was with my friend in a cafe the other day and we were just discussing about how relationships work these days. There is something very weird about having an affair now. Most of the couples we discussed about had broken up just because there were too many fights and arguments or because she hung out with someone else or because he went out with someone else. What a lame reason to leave the love of your life!

So yes, most of the people now want to believe that they are in love when they really are not, some are just addicted to their partners and others are just in the relationship for name sake.

Today, the tag of ‘best boyfriend’ and ‘best girlfriend’ is given because they uploaded a picture with their boyfriend or girlfriend on Instagram or because they commented something very sweet…

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