Valentine’s day.

Well said, Valentine’s day is for boyfriends to dig deeper and corporates to earn more…
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Singles are wailing, couples are waiting.

Few hearts will break, few will hate but then again, it’s Valentine’s day.

To be honest, I don’t believe in Valentine’s day. Lemme write the most cliché line you will hear from all the singles or couples who didn’t do anything special this day, “every day is a Valentine’s day.” Or this, that Valentine’s day is total bullshit! A marketed holiday by corporates. It’s like happy valentine’s day, now empty your pockets to avoid a fight with your partner.

But at the same time, it’s not just another day. It’s an opportunity for you to make your loved ones feel special. We don’t do that quite often, right? You don’t take them out on a date making it all about them, every other day. .you don’t shower them with gifts every other day. .Do you? So, in that sense. .I believe in Valentine’s day…

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