A Poem From One Suicide Survivor To Herself

Accept The Bullshit

Sometimes when the numbers

get you down and you start to doubt you

just try to remember that 14 is farther

than he ever could’ve gone without you

And even though you didn’t save him

you’re still not an awful friend

You improved his life the best you could

No one could stop him in the end

And it’s scary to admit

that there’s no more you could’ve done

And as far as changing his action goes

he was the only one

to make that last decision

to live or just to die

And that now leaves you the choice

to fight the truth or just to cry

Because sometimes just crying

is all you can really do

when all the hope in the world

has really just fallen through

And when your best friend in the world

is turned into ash

you start to look back on

what you…

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