Why I have no new year resolutions

So, my resolution is to not put pressure on myself like I have done the past year, and take each day at a time

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Every year without a doubt, I sit on New Years making a list of things I want to achieve and do. And then comes the next year and I realise I failed at my task…But this year I haven’t. Why you ask? I simply don’t want to put pressure on myself anymore, I want to start taking every day as it comes, with out obsessing over the tiniest things.

I feel like a lot of people put way too much pressure on themselves; to be the fitter, to be healthier, to save money, to go to bed earlier ect… When in all honesty you should just do what makes you happy! It’s as simple as that. If you enjoy chocolate, eat it. If you want to watch a film late at night, do it. If you want to ride your bike, ride it.

Also, I think a lot of people…

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