Valentines Gifts for under £5

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Valentine’s Day is coming up again. It used to be a big deal when my husband and I were dating, as obviously we didn’t see each other as much. Nowadays, it’s just another silly day, as we know we love each other, we don’t need a day to tell us this! So I said to him, “Are we doing Valentine’s Day this year?” He goes, yeah, with a £5 budget. Now that is a challenge! What can you get for £5? I had a scour across the internet, and this is what I’ve come up with:

Valentines Gifts for a Fiver

  1. Red Love Photo Frame – Tesco – £1.50
  2. Joe & Sephs Charmingly Smooth Popcorn – BHS – £2.63
  3. Chupa Flower Display – Wilko – £3.50
  4. Valentine’s Heart Mirror – Poundland – £1
  5. George Home Love Light Cushion – Asda – £5
  6. Dozen Sweetheart Roses – Lidl – £3
  7. Be My Valentine Mug – Sainsbury’s…

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