If entrepreneurship is challenging in so many ways, why do people keep becoming entrepreneurs?


In this life you either help someone else create his or her dream or be the creator of your own dream. One road is easier, predictable, and “safe” The other road is harder, requires risks, yet it is filled with purpose and passion.

I believe passion is the active ingredient in success. In order to have success, you have to have passion.

What is your passion?

It is not easy having a passion and creating something from scratch.

This article reminded me that I am not alone in facing these emotional challenges as an Entrepreneur. There is no pre-determined roadmap for Dream2Inspire™. I have to create it. Everyday since I quit my job to become an inspirational speaker and teacher I have faced these same emotions. It is true, that in some cases you will experience all of these emotions at once. It has happened to me several times.


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