And, You Come To Me On A Summer Breeze, Keep Me Warm In Your Love, Then You Softly Leave ©The Bee Gees

So, when you say
I shouldn’t cry,

a cornered gurl

Without A Doubt

You never said summer
Would end when you left–
But, I watched Sun
Take up its home,
Pack its belongings,
And leave Moon
In its place,
Forever dark…

I couldn’t fathom a
Deep love ever replacing
Ours and since I cannot
Manifest it, it has not
Shown its face.
Had it done so by now,
I’d be wiser.
I’d forget you.

So, when you say
I shouldn’t cry,
I shouldn’t remember the good times,
I shouldn’t seek out your face in others,
I don’t quite hear it–
I’m much too busy
Living in a dream, bubble wrapped
In you.

©Tremaine L. Loadholt 31March16

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