Power over Dream Cathchers

….earth is a home not a waste basket


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There’s no place for bad theology

There’s no place for bad theology

Nathanael Vitkus

Occasionally my students will ask me religious / God questions, as I’m known by way of my BEing that I am a follower of Christ. I take all their questions in stride, more often than not I will answer their questions with even more questions.

However the questions gravitate sometimes to something dark, something more personal than not. It is evident in some of the questions that my students ask me about God and matters concerning God that they’ve been sold that God loves them with conditions. I have also addressed questions concerning the love of God, which sadly someone of my students believe God doesn’t love certain people.

When I address the question concerning God’s love for them I let them know why they think that, quite often they believe it’s what they do that earns God’s love, and if what they’ve done or what they are doing now isn’t…

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Im living a great irony. The more ingulified I get in social media, the more linelier I feel. Its a serious addiction that needs to be kicked out.

A directory of wonderful things

Are you always glued to your phone? Are you one of those people who snapchat/instagram, whenever they get ready or go out?
Do you feel the urge to tweet your thoughts?
Are you one of those who posts their zillion pictures on Facebook on every special occasion?

If yes, do read this post.

We wake up, get ready for work/studies, curse our jobs/homework (well most of us do), hate the traffic on our way home, go out for a little while and come back again to sleep. That excitement for Fridays, that hatred for Mondays. Well, we do get weekends to live. To party hard on a Saturday night, to sleep for ten hours on Sunday.
Doesn’t it describe most of our lives?
So what we need the most is a DISTRACTION.
That distraction is SOCIAL MEDIA.

Some of us post a part of their life, some goes overboard and…

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An April Fools’ Day Writing Prompt

It’s time we make use of our high intelligence to reflect on this matter and the direction we’re heading towards as a species

Words & Deeds

Happy April 1st! April Fools’ Day: The day of mild to malevolent trickery, laughter, and hurt feelings. If you’ve ever played a trick on someone for April Fools’, or if you were unfortunate enough to have a major one played on you, then you probably have some strong emotional memories about April 1st.

Time to turn that torment into writing inspiration! Here are a few starter ideas for how to use April Fools’ Day to fire up your writing!

  • Make one of your characters an inveterate trickster. It can cause laughs, break up some friendships, deepen others, and provide ample opportunity for plot problems and creative solutions.
  • Use an elaborate trick as a hook. Many people love the idea of elaborate tricks but lack the motivation/time/energy/guts to pull one off. Starting off a story with one can really  get a reader’s interest. If it’s pulled on the main character, you’re…

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7 Traits to Develop If You Want To Be A Successful Fashion Or Beauty Entrepreneur Blogger

This can also be applied in all fields not only fashion! :-*

Millionaire's Digest

1. Passion

It’s commonly assumed that successful entrepreneurs are driven by money.

But most will tell you they are fueled by a passion for their product or service, by the opportunity to solve a problem and make life easier, better, cheaper.

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