Im living a great irony. The more ingulified I get in social media, the more linelier I feel. Its a serious addiction that needs to be kicked out.

A directory of wonderful things

Are you always glued to your phone? Are you one of those people who snapchat/instagram, whenever they get ready or go out?
Do you feel the urge to tweet your thoughts?
Are you one of those who posts their zillion pictures on Facebook on every special occasion?

If yes, do read this post.

We wake up, get ready for work/studies, curse our jobs/homework (well most of us do), hate the traffic on our way home, go out for a little while and come back again to sleep. That excitement for Fridays, that hatred for Mondays. Well, we do get weekends to live. To party hard on a Saturday night, to sleep for ten hours on Sunday.
Doesn’t it describe most of our lives?
So what we need the most is a DISTRACTION.
That distraction is SOCIAL MEDIA.

Some of us post a part of their life, some goes overboard and…

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