I am Glad that I fell in Love with you….!!

Dedication to all that pass through the pain of heart break, there is life ahead

My Journey

Once upon a time there was a person named *Abhay (Abhay here can be a girl/boy). Abhay fell in love with this beautiful person whom he became friends a few years back and slowly started falling for that person. But sadly that person walked out of the relationship because it was not working out……..

Abhay couldn’t take this breakup because it was his true love and never imagined a life without that person…….

Abhay was broke, he shut everyone out, he couldn’t take the fact that now she is no more in his life, he was lost in the memories and thoughts of the wonderful relation which is not there anymore.

He couldn’t take the pain. He was unable to come out of it. Then one day a miracle happened.

As Abhay was sitting idle in the room all alone, a small Quote changed his perception……

It said,

Don’t be disappointed if the…

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