The next time you hear somebody reject the idea of abortion on demand, realize that they are not being anti-anything; they are just exercising their power of correct reasoning.
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The accusation is often made that anti-abortion attitudes are a particular effort by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the only church that is officially against abortion. Few others make pro-life statements. The Catholic Church is demeaned, ridiculed, called “out of date”, “old-fashioned, “anti-woman”, “contra-cultural” and on and on.

The fact is that abortion is a moral evil, BUT NOT because the Catholic Church says it is. Abortion is an objective evil, and the Church is simply stating that fact. It is the natural moral law that all normal people sense that tells us that abortion is a moral evil. Abortion would be evil even if no religion opposed it. Abortion can be argued against successfully without even mentioning any religion because abortion is irrational.

What is to be thought of a nation that deliberately and legally kills off fifty million and still counting . . . 50,000,000 babies…

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If I Was a Doctor

If I was doctor, I too would have gone deeper than a lover could ….
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Little Thief

If I was a doctor, I would have little to say.
I would get up in the morning, and go to bed end day.
I would stare at my patients, solemn and grey.
Dreaming of people, not lying in graves.

I would think of the deaths, and think of my tools.
I would think of my white coat, and think of the rules.
I would hang up my heart, and put on my scrubs.
I would splash on cold water, and snap on my gloves.

If I was a doctor, I would cut open human beings.
I would soak myself in blood, and hold their hearts beating.
I would go in more deeply than any lover could.
I could steal your heart, but steal it for good.

If I was a doctor, I would have more anger than not.
I would tire over people, and try to play God.
I would…

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“Doctors Corruptly Referring Kenyans to Indian Hospitals Sickening!!” – Concerned Kenyan, Luke Mulunda.

“When it comes to sleazy deals, Kenyans never disappoint…….

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Students Walk 20KM to Bring Teacher’s Body Home

A group of students in Embu County on Saturday walked for 20 Kilometres, in a bid to raise Sh5.3 Million for their teacher who passed on while undergoing treatment in India.

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Walk Away! {A Post for my sisters} 

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL. ॐ heart emoticon

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To all solders fighting to protect us!


This is a salute to all the soldiers out there especially the ones who have braved the toughest of the weather(s) measuring up to -53 degrees to protect us.


We are proud to call you ours.

You all are the real deal.

You all are the real superheroes and super-heroines .




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With the demise of Chelele, an audio was released which she had recorded before her death, I came across the audio, follow the blog by mail then comment with your email and I will send it ASAP.


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Photos of Chelele’s twin daughters

The death of the popular kalenjin singer rouse eye brows on how secure residents in that area were, Diana  was stubbed several times in the stomach by unknown assailants.
She was later dumped lifeless at her abandoned home. Her body was later discovered by one of her sisters who thought of checking her there after a long search.
Chelele left behind 2 beautiful twin girls whom have been taken custody by there father.
The death of their mother must have been a blow to them.
Much has been said about there father and mostly after the discovery of an audio recorded by her. The audio builds suspicion about the father and the security of the twins.
The person (father) having them in custody is the prime suspect, this is evidenced through the audio recorded by their deceased mother.
The translated audio narrates how ordeal life was with the man, how he has taken everything she worked hard for and how he threatened death on her.
The audio further states than this beautiful angles should be taken and kept in a safe and secure home in which she built for them. May her soul rest in peace.

Bellow are there pictures;



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Chelele’s chilling last words! (Audio)


With the sudden demise of kalenjin’s popular artiste, Diana Musila, a lot has been said concerning the security of her twin daughters mostly after the chilling audio recorded by her before her death.
In the audio, she narrates how her husband took her possessions including land, children and more.
Chelele narrates a very heart touching ordeal of life with her husband.
She goes on thanking her friends and requesting that her kids are taken and raised up in her home.

Here is the translated audio;

*******Converted Audio******
What will it be Jehova, what will it be what will it be me living in tears… what will it be for the years that I have sung for You, and there is nothing I have….that if you ask me anything I have…anything that I work for is snatched from me…. I have knelt before You and cried I have prayed to You and sung to You. I have prayed You have mercy on me and save me. I have tried to comfort myself alot of days but I have not found comfort… I have not found patience. … Jehova…. did you decide for me to suffer like this? I have sang in alot of years….I sing it is snatched from me… and I sing and it’s taken from me…. we got a case in court..in fact there is nothing I know. And there is nothing the guy that got killed knows. And he was very innocent. There is nothing we know….I never slept with him, he felt sorry for me for the things I have been through…he was told by the person who produces music for Lilian Rotich. …and he felt like meeting me… and felt that he should help me… but as soon as he had met me and helped me… that man just killed him… and he was blameless…. I did not know it would come to a day that he would kill me…. Jehova have mercy on me…. Jehova forgive me… he has tortured our children everyday he holds a knife at me… and says he wants to kill me… if I don’t sing and bring money he comes and tells me that he will kill me….and right now I don’t have my children….. my only children…..this world is bad….this world is bad….dont delay, be cautious of him they have been taken…and things have been taken from me….. they have taken everything…. and they left me in the wilderness… Arap Ngeno of Lands knows…. the people of Land board know…. and the person who erased my name from the book of land board and wrote this mans name knows themselves…. they know because they were bribed… I went and cried to Arap Ngeno… and he heard my cries… he closed that land and put it on caution. This man then decided to take everything and also take the my children…..all the money that I had…. that was given to me at carnivore… he came and took all that money… 100 thousand… that I wanted to use to put them through school… he took it all… but the enemy is Micheal… the enemy is Damages….the enemy is Doreen….. I have enemies…in alot of years that talk to this man…and they are from my home… but it is ok……if you decided to do this…. it is ok…… Jehova knows why. The Lord knows why…
My dear Mother I know you have suffered …. I became nothing in your household. I did not help you in any way but it’s not my fault I was trying on my side to ensure I have a good life….to ensure my children are cared for…but it was not possible…forgive me Jehova. …..forgive me my dear Mother forgive me my dear father….. with that stay well… brothers and sisters…stay well… my father Kichiko whom I have cried to for so long… the day they had hurt me…I cried to him on each occurrence. …. stay well… let my children return…to live in their land… and go to school there.. my people please help me… remain well…people of Bomet…if I had told you my pain… maybe you would have helped me… but sadly it was not possible… I tried to look for the Governor. .. …. (I couldn’t hear this part …..) I felt that he would help me… but I did not find him….take care of my children… fence my land… there are enemies… there are enemies in this land… there are enemies in my land…take care of my land… and love one another… love one another…. love one another people of all tribes…. love each other Nandis love each other with Kipsigis love each other all you people so that you are able to defeat the enemy…because it is possible the enemy will come and kill our children… and bury my children I am crying for our land I am crying about the enemy… I am crying for my children when I go they will suffer take care of them for me… I love you all…. that’s why i sing always… I teach you.. I hope for your success… let no one touch them… let no one take it for granted OR ignore…..
Musicians I love you…. I love you so much
If there is anyone we ever were on wrong terms…forgive me…
Stay well…
Musicians I love you…..
People of Radio… I love you
Everyone…I love you…
Thank you to everyone who ever helped me… thank you to everyone who felt sorry for me…… May the Almighty God stay with you… there is nothing more I can say….
Brownie… thank you for the days we spent together… thank you for the days you comforted me… thank you for the days you encouraged me… we have been through alot…together but it got to the day that I had reached my end… it even got to the point I contemplated suicide… but thank you… you did try to stop it…but it was inevitable thank you… stay well… thank you…may God help you… and help your home… thank you…let no one blame you… no one knows why…let no one criticize you..no one knows why… I would have started with me… no one knows why woi woi woi woi woi… God have mercy on me… Almighty have mercy on me.. King have mercy on me… Lord have mercy on me… forgive me Jehova woi woi woi….


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Troubled Diana Chelele-RIP

Renowned Kalenjin singer Diana Chemutai Musila popularly known as Chelele was found dead in her Kapkwen home today morning.
Her death comes barely three months after she was found unconscious in a hotel in Nakuru after a failed suicide attempt. It is widely believed that the songstress attempted to take her own life over marriage and legal woes.
According to sources, Chelele’s body was discovered by a family member and it had deep stab wounds in the abdominal area.
Bomet OCPD, Abel Sande confirmed the incident saying he believed the singer had been murdered in cold blood.
Her body has been taken to Longisa mortuary.


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