There are 9 shocking reasons that cause couples to breakup more than any others.



Everyone’s biggest fear is breakup. When you first fall in love, it is so overwhelming you can hardly imagine breakup with that fabulous person. They are your everything. Life is beautiful.

After the “honeymoon period” is over, cracks can begin to appear. As someone who has been married for almost 13 years and together for 18 years, I can say that a healthy relationship heals and repairs those cracks, and can become even stronger.

For others, those cracks are the beginning of the end.

There are 9 shocking reasons that cause couples to breakup more than any others. There’s a lot to learn from each and every one of them to prevent the same thing happening in your relationship.

1. It wasn’t love in the first place:

Mistaking lust for love. It’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s almost impossible to stay as madly lustful for someone as most…

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What is success?

What is success? Is it something that can only be measured by materialistic standards? Is it being famous?

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18 Things Mentally Strong People Regularly Do

There are a lot of things we can do to be more successful in life and one of them is not Sabotaging our success. It’s not rocket science, honestly. If you can do the things on this list not only will you find life throws more bones your way but you will enjoy it more as well!

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“Raila Odinga and CORD Will Pay the Price of Discord in 2017 General Election!!” – Concerned Kenyan, Gathu Kaara.

Political critics point a finger at party leader Raila Odinga and his leadership style….

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10 Ways to Heal an Idol Mind

Whats Real

  1. Pray. A lot of people now a days have turned away from God, Jehovah, Allah, Elderheim. . .whichever your preferance. I have had my times where I couldn’t figure everything out on my own. I had no one to talk to. No one to turn to. It was almost depression, but I wasn’t in total beliefs that a higher power had everything I needed and much more. All I had to do was turn to him. So when I made that decision, I started praying, I started to seek. I was in touch with not only who I was at the moment, but where I wanted to be and where my life was going.
  2. Understand Your Self. This has something to do with knowing who you are. Your likes. Your dislikes. What your strong enough to tolerate and what you are not. Stop trying to control the things you just…

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Dear Gorgeous…

So, keep going ahead flashing that million dollar smile:) You’re beautiful.

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Wow, on point.


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A story told to me by a friend! Let’s eradicate this completely guys!!

Well, I have to open up and talk about this, this is the only way I can let go. And I hope it will help somebody somewhere.

I married recently. Am young but I couldn’t resist her beauty.

The heavens had no pity for us, the scorching rays shone with all eternity.
You couldn’t bare the heat, the only option being under a tree which also suffered the same fate.
It’s lunch time, children playing, teachers resting, parents coming in and I, seated in the office.
That was my forth month in this area. I was very familiar with everyone.
And as a young man, so to say, you need company, somebody to talk to after a long work day, somebody to relieve you the stress of work. But that was below the to-do list, knowing that the right person will one day come.
I got out of the office and had to walk around saying “hi” to parents bringing in lunch for their kids.
The dust and the inhumane act of nature wouldn’t permit me out at that time, so headed back to the office. It was at that time of the day when your head shadow was at your toe!
While deep in thought, a bright light shone, a dream so real to be true. I landed visually on the most beautiful creature in this area.
My sight first landed on her legs, long brownish African legs.
I could spot each and every curve as I navigated to her waist.
The forming of her legs were crafted with speciality to handle her beauty.
I couldn’t rest on that, her waist were where I couldn’t get off my eyes, though seated, it was as though they were connected to a tiny bone giving them no limits to flex and swing.
Her chest was covered by large sexy breasts. One that resembles two great Nandi hills on a plain land. They were sexy with a tip appearing out of its formation.
Her smile would brig the whole world down, white well arranged dental formula gave that smile a distinctive look.
I was tempted to say hi as our (men) nature permits. But I couldn’t, the fear inside me was growing. I couldn’t get close to her, she was beautiful beyond imagination, she was more than a queen, and I can’t imagine Angeles competing with her for beauty. She had an 8size figure posture, her skin tone was bright, that couldn’t handle the heat from the rays. Her chest full. It was proportionally equal to her back figure. Her smile was fantastic, I hoped to be her saliva so I could always kiss her lips. Her voice got me, this made me feel paralyzed, it went down deep to my heart, creating a sensation stronger than human emotions.
I was getting closer to her, her beauty pulled me even closer, my mind and eyes stuck on her……
“Mwalimu mwalimu……” that call from the pupils distracted me. She stood amid parents and as a teacher, I couldn’t go to her at that time.
She went and by good chance we met. We had long chats together. Exchanged thoughts, day in day out (thanks to technology).
I finally got that confidence and expressed my feelings with she embraced with wide opened hands.
We date for months were she got pregnant. We moved in together but with the consent of both parents.
One day, as I was passing through and reading blogs and articles, a call was made, but she was asleep so I received and shouted “amelala” meaning she is asleep.
Instantly after the other end hung up, he sent a message saying “ni bibi yako, pole”. Which is, “is she your wife, sorry”.
I got curious. She had told me that was her cousin and why should a cousin hung up and apologise?!
So I took my phone started a chat with him, we had a long chat. I realized very astonishing facts about my wife and mother of my child to be.
This is Mr. Korir, her former secondary school teacher, ha had called to say hi after a long break up.
While in secondary school, form 1, she was dating her teacher. A form one student is merely 15 or 14 years old. Mr. Korir was by then 25 years as he said.
They had dated for more than 6 months, having constant sex with him.
This was the last thing I could have expected from her. My wife is very innocent, you can’t imagine her sleeping with a teacher at that age.
But I can’t blame her, she was only 14 years old, very innocent . In a mixed school. Worst of all a local private secondary school.
I imagined of the situation that might have led to this, maybe peer pressure as in one point Mr. Korir asked of another girl who also had a teacher as a boyfriend.
Maybe also she was eager to explore life and feel good, she was in adolescent afterall.
Maybe also she liked him, having dated for more than half a year takes alot.
Also maybe she was made to do it because others did it. One a certain day when they were coming from a trip, (that was the day she met mr.korir) she does tell me how she was saved from one of the teacher who also wanted her. She says there was a teacher that took her and went to seat with her somewhere different. But she didn’t say more than that. While talking with Mr. Korir, they started dating that day. Maybe its him that took her from that other teacher pretending to be good but with a long term strategy.

It really saddens me, I can’t blame her, after all she suffered a victim of circumstance.
But why should teaches do that? Am a teacher, when a patent brings you her child, she has trust in you. She hopes that you build her child mentally and morally!
Why should you as a teacher seduce that young lady and have sex with her at a very tender age of 14?
You are destroying her future, you are exposing her to a world she cant handle!
How do you expect her to abstain ad you are the one who had sex with her the first day she joined secondary school?!
How will her life be, how will she study, a teacher teaching her, after class she has to visit you for sex, will she concentrate in her studies?!
Will she understand whatever you are teaching?!
Do you expect that she will be that doctor she always dreamt of?!
That business lady she always talked of?
That judge she always wished to be?!
You have destroyed her future, she will no longer take you as a teacher but her boyfriend!! She will always expect favours from you, she will not study knowing that Mr. Korir is there and he will give good marks.
What if she was your daughter or sister?! How would you feel to realize she has been lured by her teacher to having sex with him?!
He sexuality is ruined, her dignity destroyed, her personality is at risk. How do you expect her marriage life will be if her husband finds out about this?!
What if her parents know? They are struggling to pay school fees and as a teacher all you can do is have sex with her, break her virginity, 10 years younger than you??!!!! Shame on you!
Why are we destroying the future of this young girls?! Why are we misusing their tenderness?!
Their purity should be kept for her husband not some irresponsible teachers!!!
If your boss gets to know about this, how do you expect he will handle this?! You will loose your job immediately!
Why can’t we all grow up!? Male teachers teaching young ladies, respect them, let not tge desires of our body lead you to destroying the future of those young innocent girls!
If that was your sister, you probably could have killed whoever doing that!
You are mire a rapist than anything. Mr. Korir and Mr. Gisore as you mentioned, be grown ups, stop destroying those kids life!
There parents entrusted them on you, their community needs them, their husbands needs them. The board of directors trusts you, so please avoid this!
This goes to all Kenyan male teachers taking advantage of those kids to fulfill their immoral needs. Those that can’t keep their things where needed!
Lets help this kids, lets help them attain their dreams, lets help them attain their goals!


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How to Not Get Depressed During a Job Search

Don’t fall into that trap. You are already a winner. Make sure it stays that way…
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Take It Personel-ly

“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”   Winston Churchill

How to Not Get Depressed During a Job Search

One of the most disheartening and unpleasant experiences in life is looking for a new job, whether it’s after being fired from your old job or after you’ve just finished your education. In both cases, you have to be prepared to have many doors slammed in front of your face and many of your job applications swept under the rug. However, that’s not an issue. The real issue is how it affects us and our self-esteem, after being rejected so many times.

Having found myself in a situation like this, I kept trying, and then, instead of maintaining or doubling my attempts to find a job, as common sense would dictate, I did the exact opposite. My efforts dwindled, I became more nervous, I couldn’t sleep well, I overate, and my self-esteem was at an all-time…

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