The next time you hear somebody reject the idea of abortion on demand, realize that they are not being anti-anything; they are just exercising their power of correct reasoning.
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The accusation is often made that anti-abortion attitudes are a particular effort by the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church is the only church that is officially against abortion. Few others make pro-life statements. The Catholic Church is demeaned, ridiculed, called “out of date”, “old-fashioned, “anti-woman”, “contra-cultural” and on and on.

The fact is that abortion is a moral evil, BUT NOT because the Catholic Church says it is. Abortion is an objective evil, and the Church is simply stating that fact. It is the natural moral law that all normal people sense that tells us that abortion is a moral evil. Abortion would be evil even if no religion opposed it. Abortion can be argued against successfully without even mentioning any religion because abortion is irrational.

What is to be thought of a nation that deliberately and legally kills off fifty million and still counting . . . 50,000,000 babies…

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Photos of Chelele’s twin daughters

The death of the popular kalenjin singer rouse eye brows on how secure residents in that area were, Diana  was stubbed several times in the stomach by unknown assailants.
She was later dumped lifeless at her abandoned home. Her body was later discovered by one of her sisters who thought of checking her there after a long search.
Chelele left behind 2 beautiful twin girls whom have been taken custody by there father.
The death of their mother must have been a blow to them.
Much has been said about there father and mostly after the discovery of an audio recorded by her. The audio builds suspicion about the father and the security of the twins.
The person (father) having them in custody is the prime suspect, this is evidenced through the audio recorded by their deceased mother.
The translated audio narrates how ordeal life was with the man, how he has taken everything she worked hard for and how he threatened death on her.
The audio further states than this beautiful angles should be taken and kept in a safe and secure home in which she built for them. May her soul rest in peace.

Bellow are there pictures;



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