What is Love


Love is a romantic or sexual…….

Love can literally be said to be an intense feeling of deep affection to someone. This kind of love is what is experienced between a father and daughter, mother and son, co-worker, friends and etcetera. That is love!

On the other hand, we have love as being a deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone.

  • This kind of love is expressed as an action and experienced as a feeling.
  • This kind of love know no boundaries.
  • It is fearless.
  • Does not choose age or financial status.
  • This kind of love accommodates no specific definition.
  • It brings together faith, support, determination, care, compassion, etc.
  • Its more of an addiction.

This love starts from your brain for it’s a chemical state of mind which is part of our genes.

Yes! And thats what we call love.


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