You chose the perfect time to release the storm that rained down on me, not daring to stop until I was completely soaked

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Letter to my ex boyfriend

So hey dear ex boyfriend, you do know I love you and you do know things are going insane but the fact that holds the utmost importance is we love one another and no matter how our lives are drifting away let’s try to intertwine our lives with the love in our hearts.

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Dear ex boyfriend,

Hey !! How have you been ? I hope things are great at your end; so you do know how weird it sounds to break the ice like we’re two random strangers coming across each other in a room full of strangers but we are not. You do know that I miss you, as much as I hate to admit this but I think about you at the most unexpected time. You know what, today during my class we were talking about law of the lands and all my mind could accommodate was when I used to peek thru your classroom, just to catch a glimpse of you and all the time you waited outside my class and how we ended up acting like little kids being presented with their favourite candies on seeing each other. I miss you !!
I have an exemplary experience when it…

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If she loves you then she has no reason not to visit your home, more importantly she comes to celebrate Christmas at your home with your family.


1. She trusts you.

2. She has confidence in you.

3. She is ready to spend her lifetime with you.

4. She values your family more than anything even hers.

5. She wants to meet and understand parents to be.

6. She does not feel like leaving you, she values your company.

7. She wants you as an husband.

8. Your happiness is her pride.

9. She is ready to always respect you.

10. Your family is all she wants to know.
11. Above all, do the following.

When she finally decides to come with you home, don’t despise her decision.