quick peeks and shared smiles

hesitantly blushing with our

fervourous fledgling love

5-7-5 Haiku
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There are 9 shocking reasons that cause couples to breakup more than any others.



Everyone’s biggest fear is breakup. When you first fall in love, it is so overwhelming you can hardly imagine breakup with that fabulous person. They are your everything. Life is beautiful.

After the “honeymoon period” is over, cracks can begin to appear. As someone who has been married for almost 13 years and together for 18 years, I can say that a healthy relationship heals and repairs those cracks, and can become even stronger.

For others, those cracks are the beginning of the end.

There are 9 shocking reasons that cause couples to breakup more than any others. There’s a lot to learn from each and every one of them to prevent the same thing happening in your relationship.

1. It wasn’t love in the first place:

Mistaking lust for love. It’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s almost impossible to stay as madly lustful for someone as most…

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Dominating Success; The policy to gain ground!

“You know who you’re!”


“You see things; and you say, ‘Why?’ But I dream things that never were; and I say, ‘Why not?”
The thought-provoking quote from Gorge Bernard Shaw really hit my mind & made me think on. “You know who you’re!” & isn’t that enough to motivate you? Actually what happens with us is we forget to know ourselves ’cause aren’t we so strongly envious of others that we even unlearn to listen our own voice? Don’t try to be what you can’t be rather I’d say our consent must be to understand our true purpose in life; the real reason behind our existence! Redeem your true strength & invest your energy in amplifying it, I’m sure failure won’t even try to snatch your opportunity to be a successful again! By merely copying others, we can never be what we truly are & each of us knows that well but the only problem…

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You chose the perfect time to release the storm that rained down on me, not daring to stop until I was completely soaked

Love, Lucy Rebecca

New Image

You’re toxic. I can’t breathe when I’m around you; the air becomes so incredibly polluted. You bring negativity and destruction into my life and you watch as they turn my world upside down. You bring my comfortable, secure state into a world full of doubts, tears, misery and suffering.

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Everything is Temporary

But lately I’ve realized it’s childish and close minded to rely on certain things or people for happiness


It’s pessimistic and quite strange to think that everything is temporary. But lately I’ve realized it’s childish and close minded to rely on certain things or people for happiness. We look to these things for fulfillment– and for varying periods of times we do experience this satisfaction– but naturally and with time, these things fail to make us happy. Disheartening as it is, it’s natural as we grow and discover our likes and dislikes on this extensive journey through life. Everything is temporary. Whether it’s losing interest in certain hobbies or straying away from people you love, each period in your life is blessed with few moments that bring happiness to your life. Yet as we keep moving forward, we tend to leave these things behind. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a nostalgic and pleasing warmth when you rediscover and return to something you once loved.
As nothing…

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Letter to my ex boyfriend

So hey dear ex boyfriend, you do know I love you and you do know things are going insane but the fact that holds the utmost importance is we love one another and no matter how our lives are drifting away let’s try to intertwine our lives with the love in our hearts.

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Falling for stranger. 

The love is strong enough to overcome the fear.

But it’s only a second sight

Dynamic Trio 💛

I see love in your eyes

I’m at the mercy of your love.

What a sorry sight

But it’s only a second sight.
I see my future in your eyes

Let me give you all you hope for

I mean the feeling of sunset and sunrise

But it’s only a second sight.
A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

I see happiness in you.

I aim to fill you with joyous elation.

But it’s only a second sight.
It’s driving me nuts not knowing where you are.

Just anxious about seeing you.

The love is strong enough to overcome the fear.

But it’s only a second sight.

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The Wait.


The route of love is

harsh and tough,

Straight as pony hair

but pretty rough.

Words of promise were

fair from oneside,

Blunder and misery

from the other side.

Waited every moment

for her, all the while.

From dawn to dusk

he lost his smile.

Killed his hunger with

pains and scares,

Burried his thirst with

aches and tears.

Appealed himself,should

have loved her more,

So to change her soul

till the core.


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I am Glad that I fell in Love with you….!!

Dedication to all that pass through the pain of heart break, there is life ahead

My Journey

Once upon a time there was a person named *Abhay (Abhay here can be a girl/boy). Abhay fell in love with this beautiful person whom he became friends a few years back and slowly started falling for that person. But sadly that person walked out of the relationship because it was not working out……..

Abhay couldn’t take this breakup because it was his true love and never imagined a life without that person…….

Abhay was broke, he shut everyone out, he couldn’t take the fact that now she is no more in his life, he was lost in the memories and thoughts of the wonderful relation which is not there anymore.

He couldn’t take the pain. He was unable to come out of it. Then one day a miracle happened.

As Abhay was sitting idle in the room all alone, a small Quote changed his perception……

It said,

Don’t be disappointed if the…

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Power over Dream Cathchers

….earth is a home not a waste basket

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