O at the Edges



For one who moves in uncertainty, this
flower, the petals of which

gently fade, as if reason
is found in the decline of beauty
and its comforts.

But all you touch remains
touched. If silence reveals the body

of music, what can be said of darkness? Words
appear motionless until they blossom, a
pattern seldom seen yet carried to us in

all manner of conveyance. Listen,
for there is no purer voice.

Let the earth speak.

* * *

“Patterns” first appeared here in March, 2015. I wrote it30-some years ago, placed it in a folder and promptly forgot it.


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You chose the perfect time to release the storm that rained down on me, not daring to stop until I was completely soaked

Love, Lucy Rebecca

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You’re toxic. I can’t breathe when I’m around you; the air becomes so incredibly polluted. You bring negativity and destruction into my life and you watch as they turn my world upside down. You bring my comfortable, secure state into a world full of doubts, tears, misery and suffering.

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Have My Heart

Wow, nice poem

koko boocro


Have My Heart

This usually only happen
One day in February annually,
When the media gives reminders
After he’d forgotten all year practically.

So he got her a teddy bear,
She cut off its head tore it apart
Pulled out all the stuffing
Emptying its plump parts.

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