Felicity of Darkest Times!

darkness itself beholds a promise within to let that dawn arouse again!


Forget about fate & fortune but when it comes to bad phase of life, it just spill the beans about your true calibre. We value good times ’cause there are bad as without sunset we wouldn’t have appreciated sunrise, right? Life is indeed an endless chain of stress, pain & agony but boundless joy is always waiting out there for us & we often forget to pick it up. Behind every unpleasant challenge, there’s an untold glory so why do we freak out when we’ve got that potential to enlighten our own path? Life has embraced us with love & happiness so rather finding loopholes in it’s creativity, why don’t we go & gratify it for what we have an opportunity to live it? Its no wonder that we are the only potential creature that has got everything at their disposal, go out & see what the chances are! On…

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Done with love…

I should have loved me more.

shekhar's Digest

I fell in love with you in a hurry,
like you were going somewhere fast which you did.
You came and went like an earthquake,

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Top 5 Tips for Meditation


MEDITATION1Meditating is hard. It can seem like a daunting task and after repeated failure it is easy to just give up. But there is a reason they call it a practice! Just like a yoga practice, every single day is unique and you never know what will surface when you take the time to practice.

The most important things are actually the simplest.

  1. Create a set time in your schedule. At first it is best to do it first thing in the morning when you wake up. You may want to splash some water on your face and brush your teeth to make sure you don’t fall back to sleep!
  2. Designate a set duration. When beginning a practice it can be hard to set aside part of your day to sit still. You may want to start with three minutes on the first day and set an alarm. See how…

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Dear Human,

Everyday is another chance to turn your ugly moments, hours, days and years into something beautiful. How? By remembering that you are not any of your life experiences.

You are not your pain.
You are not your mistakes.
You are not your hurt feelings.
You are not your anger.
You are not your sadness.
You are not your fear.

Yes, sometimes life brings hardships that seem to heavy to bare; but you are not your weakness. Sometimes people’s words make you feel horrible, but you are not their words. Sometimes work seems meaningless, but you are not what you do for a living.

What you are my beloveds is so much bigger than any earthly thing.

You are LOVE.
You are LIGHT.
You are ENERGY.
You are a GIFT to humanity.
You are ETERNAL.
… and so much more.

You are…

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Photo series #1. 

The darker shades indicate a sadder mood whereas the lighter shades indicate a happier mood….
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Awkward panda🐼

‘Change is the only constant’. That’s is the most ironic statement. Initially we are affirmative that the odyssey of life is going to be flamboyant. We are so contended and captivated that we start believing in the mere axioms of fairytale’s and miracles. As time goes by and as we see more agony we rapidly form a void within ourselves. At times we are so lost that we don’t know what can prove to be a remedy for us. Cynically we choose to obsess over something totally trivial. It changes the aura. But each moment when we feel convulsion the void expand and we start falling for the greys of bleakness. We don’t visualise anything but loneliness. Sooner or later a mere realisation hits us like a truck. The fact that no one except for ourselves can actually aid us and comfort us. The moment you see the staggering grey…

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Staying Hopeful in Dark Days

Don’t settle for anything less than what you truly desire….
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Kenzie Patterson


Staying hopeful during tough times isn’t easy, but that’s exactly why it’s so important. It is, however, easy to fall into despair and negativity, but resisting that temptation is the key ingredient to lifting your spirits and producing the best possible outcome for the situation.

I love the idea of banishing the word impossible from your vocabulary altogether. I remember learning about probability in my third grade math class. My teacher was saying that the probability of a hot air balloon flying by our classroom window was slim to none, and I remember thinking that I didn’t understand her. Why should something be less probable just because it seems unusual?

Miracles happen every single day. Why should your life be any less miraculous? Don’t lose hope just because something seems improbable. If you think about it, the reality of the earth and the sun and the stars all working together in perfect…

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