O at the Edges



For one who moves in uncertainty, this
flower, the petals of which

gently fade, as if reason
is found in the decline of beauty
and its comforts.

But all you touch remains
touched. If silence reveals the body

of music, what can be said of darkness? Words
appear motionless until they blossom, a
pattern seldom seen yet carried to us in

all manner of conveyance. Listen,
for there is no purer voice.

Let the earth speak.

* * *

“Patterns” first appeared here in March, 2015. I wrote it30-some years ago, placed it in a folder and promptly forgot it.


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7 Traits to Develop If You Want To Be A Successful Fashion Or Beauty Entrepreneur Blogger

This can also be applied in all fields not only fashion! :-*

Millionaire's Digest

1. Passion

It’s commonly assumed that successful entrepreneurs are driven by money.

But most will tell you they are fueled by a passion for their product or service, by the opportunity to solve a problem and make life easier, better, cheaper.

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Though they are opposites, they would complete each other.

The Journal


It’s one of those things that looks so simple yet really hard to define. As far as I’ve observed, Love is the main component of Neruda’s poems. As humans, we cannot deny the fact that we all fall in love. And with this, we have so many ways to express this thing called “Love”, even though most of us choose not to show it. Out of all of his works, I’ve taken interest the poem “I do not love you…” The speaker talks about loving someone differently, how he prefers to love someone not because of her looks, but because of how she moves, how she talks and how he loves her because of the way they spend their time together. The poem is part of Pablo Neruda’s book titled “One Hundred Love Sonnets” which is a compilation of sonnets which share the same theme; Love.

Pablo-Neruda The man behind…

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Dear Gorgeous…

So, keep going ahead flashing that million dollar smile:) You’re beautiful.

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Showing you a different Side of Kenya

learn that Africa is more than crime and diseases.

Reviews Africa

Story telling is an art. One that many have become very good at and others, well lets just say there are those who are still trying to get it right. Like any other form of art you need to learn how to share both sides of the coin, create suspense and captivate at the same time. Mine is to show you a different side of Kenya in pictures – by the time you are done maybe you will learn that Africa is more than crime and diseases.

Kenya _09

Beautiful Samburu Women in their traditional wear

Kenya _06

Girl smiles at the camera covering her mouth, Nanyaza

Hoisting cranes and construction site at sunset. Hoisting cranes and construction site at sunset

Men carrying chicken along a village road on the way to a market. Men carrying chicken along a village road on the way to a market, Western Kenya


Young girls in uniforms  the school playground


Night shot of Kilimani estate, Nairobi

Kenya _02

Zebras at the Mara


Senior warrior seated under a tree looking at the…

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The cost of a miracle!

Story source

“Tess, an eight-year-old child heard her parents
talking about her little brother. All she knew was
that he was very sick and they had no money left.
They were moving to a smaller house because
they could not afford to stay in the present house
after paying the doctor’s bills. Only a very costly
surgery could save him now and there was no
one to loan them the money.
When she heard her daddy say to her fearful
mother with whispered desperation, ‘Only a
miracle can save him now’, the little girl went to
her bedroom and pulled her piggy bank from its
hiding place in the closet. She poured all the
change out on the floor and counted it carefully.
Clutching the precious piggy bank tightly, she
slipped out from the back door and made her way
six blocks to the local drugstore. She took a
quarter from her bank and placed it on the glass
“And what do you want?” asked the pharmacist.
“It’s for my little brother,” the girl answered back.
“He’s really very sick and I want to buy a
“I beg your pardon?” said the pharmacist.
“His name is Andrew and he has something bad
growing inside his head and my daddy says only
a miracle can save him. So how much does a
miracle cost?”
“We don’t sell miracles here, child. I’m sorry,” the
pharmacist said, smiling sadly at the little girl.
“Listen, I have the money to pay for it. If it isn’t
enough, I can try and get some more. Just tell me
how much it costs.”
In the shop was a well-dressed customer. He
stooped down and asked the little girl, “What kind
of a miracle does you brother need?”
“I don’t know,” she replied with her eyes welling
up. “He’s really sick and mommy says he needs
an operation. But my daddy can’t pay for it, so I
have brought my savings”.
“How much do you have?” asked the man.
“One dollar and eleven cents; but I can try and
get some more”, she answered barely audibly.
“Well, what a coincidence,” smiled the man, “A
dollar and eleven cents – the exact price of a
miracle for little brothers.”
He took her money in one hand and held her hand
with the other. He said, “Take me to where you
live. I want to see your brother and meet your
parents. Let’s see if I have the kind of miracle
you need.”
That well-dressed man was Dr Carlton
Armstrong, a neurosurgeon. The operation was
completed without charge and it wasn’t long
before Andrew was home again and doing well.
“That surgery,” her mom whispered, “was a real
miracle. I wonder how much it would have cost.”
The little girl smiled. She knew exactly how much
the miracle cost … one dollar and eleven cents …
plus the faith of a little child.
Perseverance can make miracles happen! Miracle
can come in various forms – as a doctor, as a
lawyer, as a teacher, as a police and many
A river cuts the rock not because of its power, but
because of its consistency.
Never lose your hope; keep walking towards your
Miracles still happen. Just believe.

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6 Things True Leaders Do & How You Can Do The Same!

Effective leadership is difficult to achieve; it’s hard to let go of your inner doer…

Millionaire's Digest

Below are six strategies for making the transition from doer to true leader.

1.  Define what success looks like for your team and share it broadly and consistently.

Try writing down your definition of success on a 3×5 card. This will ensure it’s tangible, focused and easy for you and your team to remember.

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MOTIVATION MONDAY: Our Battle Is Not Of Flesh

cassie, compiled.

I was texting one of my pastors, Brandon, earlier this evening and he said something really great. “Our battle is nothing of flesh of blood.”

Ah how true! None of our flesh means anything but our only battle is in fact one “we” can’t fight. Christmas won it! It is done FOREVER. All we have to do is accept Him into our lives, that He might carry out a Life in us in which we can expect goodness that is new and real each day. For while Heaven comes from Jesus, He calls us that His will may be done in earth as it is in heaven. Here is to praying that His will be done in my heart, my relationships, my family life, my education, my spirit. For Christ is the only way.

“Motivated to prayer by the Spirit alone.” I talked about it last week. His love poured…

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If entrepreneurship is challenging in so many ways, why do people keep becoming entrepreneurs?


In this life you either help someone else create his or her dream or be the creator of your own dream. One road is easier, predictable, and “safe” The other road is harder, requires risks, yet it is filled with purpose and passion.

I believe passion is the active ingredient in success. In order to have success, you have to have passion.

What is your passion?

It is not easy having a passion and creating something from scratch.

This article reminded me that I am not alone in facing these emotional challenges as an Entrepreneur. There is no pre-determined roadmap for Dream2Inspire™. I have to create it. Everyday since I quit my job to become an inspirational speaker and teacher I have faced these same emotions. It is true, that in some cases you will experience all of these emotions at once. It has happened to me several times.


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Solomon Njathi

The guy behind the keys!


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